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Water Management
in the Seine River Watershed

The River

The Seine River is located in Northwestern Ontario and gathers its flow from a teardrop-shaped watershed having an area of approximately 6,250 square kilometres. The headwaters originate at the Savanne River at Raith (near Upsala Ontario, nor theast of Atikokan).

The river flows westerly for 250 kilometres and empties into Rainy Lake (near Fort Frances, Ontario, and the Canada/USA border). The Seine River is part of the Winnipeg River drainage system that flows west through Ontario and north through Manitoba to Hudson Bay.

Water Management

Public Safety

Water levels and flows in the Seine River system vary significantly during the year. They can fluctuate rapidly. Excercise caution in and near the water and always wear your life jacket. Always call 911 in the event of an emergency.

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About Evolugen

Evolugen, a member of the Brookfield Renewable family, produces clean, renewable energy through its portfolio of 36 hydro and wind facilities across Canada, powering homes and businesses across the country. Beyond the clean energy we produce, we look to have a positive social and environmental impact on the communities and ecosystems in which we operate.

Taking a holistic and sustainable approach is imperative because, to us, the way we operate is just as impor tant as the clean, renewable power we produce.

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