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Seine River Watershed Management
Wagita Bay Dam

Seine River Watershed Information The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources is the owner of the Wagita Bay dam, which was constructed in 1943 and raised to present height in 1952. It impounds the Valerie Falls headpond and provides minimum flow to Steep Rock Lake. The minimum flow (0.1 m3/sec) is from stoplog leakage and remains constant year-round. The Wagita Bay Dam is primarily a block dam that serves to separate the Seine River diversion from Steep Rock Lake. It does not act as an effective level control for the Valerie Falls headpond (Colin Lake-Little Falls Lake). However, it does perform important Aquatic Ecosystem functions. These include providing minimum flow for walleye spawning on Steep Rock Lake and water coverage of Steep Rock dredge material.

Reservoir (storage)
1943; height raised in 1952
# of  sluices
1 9-log sluice; discharge capacity is 35 m3/sec
Level at top of log with all logs in
404.25 metres
Level of sill with all logs out
400.81 metres
Discharges above 4 m3/sec may cause mobilization of silt in West Arm of Steep Rock Lake.

Note: The Planning Team recommended that minimum flow from Wagita Bay Dam might be better regulated by a slide gate. Wagita Bay Dam is scheduled for some upgrade work some time during the period 2005–2010. During the upgrade it is anticipated that stop logs might be replaced by new logs or a slide gate and a new hoist mechanism. Prior to construction, flows should be measured with a v-notch weir to establish the appropriate gate setting for the outflows.