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Seine River Watershed
Valerie Falls Dam

Seine River Water Management Plan Valerie Falls Limited Partnership (VFLP) is the owner of Valerie Falls Generating Station. VFLP is owned by Great Lakes Power Inc. (Brookfield Renewable Energy Group
). The power produced by the plant is sold under the terms of a 50-year power purchase agreement to the Ontario Electrical Finance Corporation (successor company to the former Ontario Hydro).

Three other dams owned by VFLP impound the Valerie Falls headpond: McRorrie (1994), Reed (1952) and TW4 (1952). These dams have no ability to control levels and flows and are not discussed further in this Water Management Plan.

The Valerie Falls dam controls water levels in Colin Lake and Little Falls Lake (combined area of approximately 400 ha). Although the lakes (known as the headpond) account for a very small amount (0.2%) of the total upstream watershed (458,325 ha), 97% of the inflow to the headpond is controlled by the Raft Lake dam. Because of the small headpond, the Valerie Falls dam has very limited storage and beyond managing water for daily peaking, the dam has little water control ability.

Reservoir (storage)
32 m3/sec/days
# of  sluices
2 gated sluices and 2 overflow crests; discharge capacity is 320 m3/sec; spillage occurs at 403.95 m
Level at top of gated sluices with gates closed
405.5 metres
Level of sills
400.5 metres
Power Generation
10 MW; turbine capacity is 6-60 m3/sec
Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) Agreement regulating flows

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