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Seine River Watershed Information

Three bodies of water are used as reservoirs for power production along the Seine River system. Lac des Mille Lacs is controlled by the Lac des Mille Lacs dam, Lower Marmion Lake is controlled by the Lower Marmion Sluiceway, and Upper Marmion Lake is controlled by the Raft Lake Dam.

From a power production perspective, the purpose of reservoirs is to stabilize downstream water flows by storing water during high flow events (e.g. spring) and releasing it during times when natural flows are low (e.g. winter). Stabilizing flows also reduces the frequency and/or impact of flood and drought events that would occur naturally. The ability of dam operators to stabilize flows depends on
• the range of inflows
• the amount of storage available
• the ability of the structure to impound water.

Seine River Watershed Information