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Seine River Watershed
Calm Lake Dam

Seine River Watershed Information H2O Power LP owns and operates both the Calm Lake dam and the Sturgeon Falls dam.

The Calm Lake dam controls water levels in the reach from Calm Lake to Perch Lake under normal flows (combined area of 3,660 ha). As with the Valerie Falls dam, lakes (known as the headpond) account for a very small amount (0.6%) of the total watershed upstream from it (575,000 ha). There are significant uncontrolled inflows to this dam (20% of total inflow area), principally of the Atikokan River and Eye River systems. Approximately 80% of the inflow area to Calm Lake dam is controlled by the Raft Lake dam.

At low flows, the Calm Lake dam controls water levels over the entire headpond up to Perch Lake. At higher flows (flows above about 75 m3/sec), the narrows between Chub Lake and Banning Lake acts as a constriction, resulting in events when water levels are much higher in Perch Lake, Chub Lake and Little McCaulay Lake than in Calm or Banning Lake. At these times, the Calm Lake dam has less control over water levels in Perch Lake, Chub Lake and Little McCaulay Lake.

Reservoir (storage) headpond
95 m3/sec/days
# of  sluices
16 sluices including 1 remote operated waste gate; discharge capacity is 566 m3/sec at 382.5 m; maximum 24-hour flow (June 24, 1950) was 370 m3/sec; spillage occurs at 382.52 m 
Level at top of log with all logs in
382.52 m
Level of sill with all logs out
waste gate 380.09 m, slot 1 is 378.26 m; slot 2–15 are 380.09 m
Power Generation
9 MW; turbine capacity 10–48 m3/sec

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